Friday, June 8, 2012

Our wedding!

Well, I think it's time I shared about how our wedding went.  

Okay, so as you know we had gotten engaged back in July 2007, well soon after my mom started helping me plan the wedding.  I can't remember exactly what made us choose to do April, but I know we were trying to avoid the crazy hot Texas summer weather, LOL!  Well we were going to the 4th since our anniversary of being together is always the 4th but it wasn't a Saturday so we chose the next closest date which was the 5th so close enough. :)  So my plans mostly were made with my mom as you know guys don't really get too involved with the planning. ;)  We chose to do our color as royal blue which turned out beautifully.


I chose somewhat of a Cinderella theme, we made up little slippers as table favors, I wore shoes that were called Cinderella which kind of resembled a glass slipper and of course had to go with this wonderful cake topper which I actually found from a woman on Ebay!
Everything turned out so beautiful, the decorations, the favors, the cake, the tux, and of course the dress!  So on April 5, 2008, we had one of the happiest days of our life!


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  1. It was a beautiful wedding! And I thought the bride was the most beautiful bride! Of course, I guess I'm a little prejudiced! What do you think? LOL! By the way, Bree Bree said she likes your blog! Love you!